Why exhibit?

Why sponsor the conference?

By sponsoring the SEMrush Marketing Show, you open up several months of marketing and PR activity via the conference website, email marketing, social media promotion and at the conference itself. Your investment will give your company the opportunity to meet key influencers and professionals from the industry, whilst reinforcing your brand positioning.

Our sponsorship packages allow you to measure ROI through a number of metrics, which may include interactions, increased footfall to your website, increased social platform follows or face-to-face connections. Just a couple of calls post-event to these connections could result in valuable new contacts and the generation of new business.

What are the key benefits?

There is a number of benefits of being involved in sponsorship:

Build a booth to generate qualified leads:
• Exhibit to 2000 high-profile marketers
• Get introduced to SEMrush Subscribers
• Scanner of visitors
• Dedicated newsletters, SMS campaigns to the conference participants

Boost your brand exposure:
• Reach over 10 million
• Receive access to the TOP Asian companies, fast-growing startups and outsourced American brands
• Network with media in the intimate environment of the VIP lounge

We are committed to working in partnership with our sponsors to ensure their aims and targets are achieved. Please get in touch to discuss a bespoke package for you.

Want to get involved?

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