Want to Join SEMrush Marketing Show this Year? Great! Let’s Convince Your Boss Now!

The SEMrush Marketing Show is dedicated to growth marketing, SEO, and Online Ads, so it is going to be an ideal opportunity for you to learn new ideas, brush up your marketing skills, and get inspired by the industry leaders and in-house marketers. 

The SEMrush Marketing Show is one of a kind marketing event to take place in India year. It is unique in many ways and provides good marketers with the opportunity to become great. Structured into four key stages, the show is going to feature some of the most established professionals and industry leaders who will share game-changing ideas on Growth Marketing, SEO, Online Ads, and more. Not only that, the participants can attend workshops with seven hours of boundless education sessions where they are free to ask questions, learn about new tools, and dive deep into the world of marketing. This is the kind of event that can unlock the true potential of rising marketers in the online realm and you won’t want to miss it! 
The SEMrush Marketing Show will help you with:

Insights: that you can learn, first-hand, from powerful brands, industry leaders, and people who live and breath marketing.  

Strategies: you will discover best practices from big brands and the strategies they follow around growth marketing, SEO, and Online Ads.

Understanding: This event is like a crash course on marketing. It provides the participants with the most up-to-date information about growth marketing, SEO, and online ads — areas quite relevant and imperative to our growth and digital success.  

Knowledge Application: learn to implement all the strategies, tools, and technical hacks covered throughout the event and that will come quite in handy on scaling marketing and business.

Networking: the event is a unique opportunity to reach out to and learn from other people — peers and professionals — who are from the same industry and are facing similar challenges you do.
Why should you attend?

  • With 4 stages, 40 speakers, 7 hours workshops, and over 2000 attendees, there’s a lot to gain from SEMrush Marketing Show! 
  • Exclusive advice and knowledge. In-house marketing masters and industry leaders with proven track records are going to lead each session across four different stages. These are professionals with hands-on experience building growth strategies and delivering massive results for brands like IBM, Microsoft, HubSpot, LinkedIn, MobileMonkey, Uber, Zoho, and more. So listening to their ideas, learning from them, and acting on their recommended strategies would essentially mean lighting a fire under your own marketing. 
  • Actionable Learnings and Insight. The show isn’t just about learning, it’s also about taking an in-depth look at the specifics and discussing ways to act on information — a learning approach that helps drive action which leads to results. 
  • Going to SEMrush Marketing Show would mean that you’ll be able to interact with and learn from digital specialists at the top of the field, such as Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft; Shahid Nizami, the Managing Director, APAC, at Hubspot; Aleyda Solis (Orainti), and numerous other renowned individuals. 
  • Whether it’s the Growth stage, SEO stage, Online Ads stage, or Workshops, you will have the opportunity to hear professionals who are going to cover a broad range of extremely important topics, including the following (just to mention a few):
    • Video at Scale: How to use Youtube to grow your marketing funnel
    • Marketing in 2020 – Why businesses should kill the FUNNEL and focus on the FLYWHEEL
    • Optimizing Content for Voice Search & Virtual Assistants
    • Setting the Foundation: How to Audit and Improve Local SEO
    • Conscious, focused and impactful SEO strategies
    • Audiences, Ads, and AI: Top Tips for Future-Proofing Your PPC
    • Designing the Ultimate Multi-Channel Campaign
    • Unlocking the power of CRO – Turning Clicks into Customers

Here’s precisely what you will benefit if you register for SEMrush Marketing Show today:

  • Get Conference Pass for $99 (after November 15th: $199), get All Access Pass for $190 (after November 15th: $390), and get VIP Pass for $390 (after November 15th: $590). 

Under Conference Pass:
Access to the stages: Growth, SEO and Ads.

Buffet lunch along with Tea & Coffee Breaks.
Under All Access Pass:
All the benefits to be availed under conference pass, plus: access to the Google, Facebook, and SEMrush workshops.

Under VIP Pass:
All the benefits to be availed under All Access Pass, plus: access to the VIP Lounge (Speakers & Media), opportunity to book 15 minutes one-on-one meetings with speakers, and special rate for the hotel (valued $100). 
In a nutshell, there’s a lot to gain from the show when it comes to gathering the right knowledge, learning about the right tools, and mastering the right techniques and methods (in the shortest time possible). When you are successful at that, utilizing them to breath new life into your own marketing will definitely feel like a natural step. 

What is next?

This event is one rare opportunity you can cash in on before closing our 2019 chapter. The SEMrush Marketing Show is going to be invaluable, not only because it’ll infuse the participants with an ocean of ideas but also because it will help them implement those ideas in their specific situations and revitalize their marketing. This is so much more than just another show or marketing exhibition out there. Clearly, it’s an immersive experience and a unique way to learn new ideas, game-changing strategies, and tools that are going to supplement digital revolutions within growth-driven companies such as yours.

Ready to talk to your boss? Download the letter below, which will definitely convince him that you can’t miss the conference.