Interview with Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications, SEMrush

When did SEMrush come to India and how did you come up with the idea of organizing such a conference?
At SEMrush we believe that India is the future; digital marketing is growing by 25-30% annually. We came to India 2.5 years ago and we are always eager to share digital marketing knowledge by providing educational content from world-renowned experts. Now, in just 2 years, we have organized more than 100 events, both online and offline.

We have met thousands of tech-savvies and digital marketers who are eager to learn and are ready to invest their time and effort in professional growth. So we decided to go big. We decided to organize the SEMrush Marketing Show and bring 2000 marketers and 40 international experts under one roof.


What makes the SEMrush Marketing Show different?
The SEMrush Marketing Show is designed by SEMrush experts and brand ambassadors to share the latest updates from the digital marketing world. 40 international speakers will fly from all over the world to present the best cases, workflows on Growth, SEO, and Ad Stages.

The attendees can achieve various goals at the event: get inspired by the marketing experts, gather actionable knowledge on SEO and Online Ads, or even attend the dedicated workshops from Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Who should attend the SEMrush Marketing Show?
I would say that marketing professionals who want to expand their knowledge and boost their professional growth are ideal candidates for attending the SEMrush Marketing Show.

Whether you are a veteran digital marketer or a fresh-off-the-boat specialist, the conference offers multiple opportunities not only to learn but also to network, share the experience and get new ideas.

What important topics will be presented at the SEMrush Marketing Show?
From growth marketing strategies and predictions for 2020 to technical SEO and omnichannel campaigns – the conference will cover different angles of digital marketing, so everyone will find something useful.

There will be 4 tracks: Growth Marketing, Online Ads, SEO and workshops from Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, where top marketing experts will share their vision for the future and leave out tips, success stories, true learnings from marketing gains and cutting-edge techniques for scaling your marketing and business.

How would you suggest attendees get the most out of the SEMrush Marketing Show?
Talk to people! The conference will gather over 2000 people with unique experience, who are coming with the same goals – to learn and share. Do not hesitate to ask questions, be active and hungry for new ideas, and you will leave the conference inspired and ready to rock in 2020.

See you soon!

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