Pankaj Vijayvargiya

Domain Investor
Bitlevel International

Pankaj is an award-winning First Generation entrepreneur and public figure based out of Indore, known for his unique strategies of turning single figure into multi-thousand dollars via domain name investments and traffic generation. He has completed his “Business Administration & Foreign Economic Cooperation” from Deutsche Management Akademie, Germany and is a selected entrepreneur by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs, Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry, and the Government of India as an ambassador to strengthen International business relationships. 

Pankaj orates to investors, bloggers, Internet Marketers, and digital agencies at global events including Techsparks by Yourstory, Namescon, DomainX, EarningsLabs, HDCon as a speaker, and is featured on National TV. He believes in free flow of information and shares his unique self-discovered strategies of traffic generation & domain flipping freely.