Olga Pukhalskaya

Head of Performance Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing

Olga is a Head of Performance Partnerships and Affiliate Marketing at SEMrush.

She is in charge of managing top-tier partnerships, developing a long-term vision for the program, and managing strategic affiliate projects.

At SEMrush we believe that affiliate programs are not just about bringing new sales and traffic. We see our affiliates as strategic partners who together with our team make SEMrush a better product. Together with our affiliates, we seek to bring additional value to marketers worldwide through numerous channels including blogs, educational resources, consulting services, and much more. 

Our Affiliate Program welcomes all who share the same values as we do and would be happy to see you join more than 38 thousand affiliate partners worldwide! 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olga-pukhalskaya-podorozhnyaya-b619978/