Enoch Pakanati

Founder & CEO
The Smarketers

Enoch Pakanati is the founder and CEO of The Smarketers, a B2B Inbound and Account Based Marketing company. Since 2015, The Smarketers have been working with Fortune 1000 and SMBs in the technology space. His company has been pivotal in helping them scale their sales and marketing using a unique mix of Inbound and Account Based Marketing best practices. Prior to The Smarketers, Enoch has worked in sales and marketing leadership roles at various technology organisations, helping them increase their revenues by over 30% YoY. He is a startup mentor and has also spoken at various technology and startup Conferences. Apart from running a successful company, Enoch is also an avid biker and bodybuilder. Enoch is your go-to guy to answer any of your questions on Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Account Based Marketing.