Deepa Kedoor

Content Marketing Evangelist

Deepa joined LinkedIn as the Content Marketing Evangelist in February 2018. In the time that she has been with LinkedIn, she has consulted with a host of clients like HCL Technologies, Zoho, Ramco, IBM, Lenovo and many more on optimising their digital presence and ROI. Before LinkedIn she was with IBM India, where she worked for over 11 years as an integral part of their Marketing leadership team in India. She has held various marketing roles within IBM’s Citizenship, Advertising, Brand and Performance Marketing teams and is a keen proponent of data-driven marketing, believing that the best results only come when you focus on iterating and optimizing campaigns based on insights. *Preach!*

Deepa brings with her a deep knowledge of the content marketing method on social media and understands how to leverage content as a key driver in the success of any business. She has executed award winning campaigns such as “Score with Data” that won 7 industry awards; and “Cognitive Fashion” that was recognized by IBM Worldwide for the Global Growth & Transformation Award. Before IBM, her previous roles were with Nike India & Paramount Cosmetics. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and has completed courses on specialized marketing from Nanyang Technological University, Columbia University & Duke University.