Ayush Srivastava

Lead of Growth

Ayush is currently working as the Lead of Growth at GrabOnRent. He has been working closely with the founding team and is taking care of the growth part of the business. He along with his colleagues were able to bring down the overall CAC substantially and at the same time ensuring that the orders were not getting affected. He also takes care of all the growth marketing strategies and new initiatives for GrabOnRent. Earlier he was taking care of growth part of another startup called Awesummly.

Being in the growth space for 3+ years now, he has seen a lot of changes around growth hacking. He is running India’s Biggest community of Growth Enthusiasts which is by the name Growth Folks. Growth Folks has been in the ecosystem for 22 months now. With an offline presence in 8+ Indian Cities and over 600+ growth enthusiasts as a part of the community, Growth Folks is for sure a fast-growing community in Growth Space. A few months back, they organized India’s Biggest Growth-Product Hackathon in partnership with Microsoft.

Ayush likes to talk about marketing and growth and gets excited about the latest trends, hacks, and processes. He is one of those who are ready to help, consult, connect at any point in time.