E2E Networks

E2E Networks Ltd. is the brainchild of open-source software enthusiasts Tarun Dua and Mohammad Imran who envisioned to bring contract-less cloud computing to the Indian startups and SMEs. In a relentless pursuit of their passion, E2E Networks has helped today’s unicons like Zomato to run their applications and IT workloads in their early stages. Many startups like NiYo, MilkBasket, Clovia, who are VC funded, have been customers of E2E Networks. Marquee startups Jabong and Tapzo were customers of E2E Networks.

In 2018, E2E Networks Ltd. issued its IPO through NSE Emerge. Investors rushed and oversubscribed 70 times to the IPO, making it a huge success. Today, E2E Networks is the largest NSE listed Cloud Provider serving more than 10,000 customers.

At present, Tarun Dua is serving as Chairman & Managing Director and Mohammad Imran as CTO, and are instrumental with their decades of passion in making E2E Networks the choice of Cloud Provider for thousands of Indian startups and SMEs. Since 2009, E2E Networks has been a proud partner helping millions of Indian entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.